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OHF Logo epsJoin us in our quest to make a difference for those who have so bravely served our country. 

Here at El Dorado Valve we consider all of Americas War Veterans heros. They have sacraficed for our country and our freedoms and we are apprieciate what they have done. 

However, our young veterans returning from Iraq and Afaganastan are faced with some difficult challenges. Many come home and find it difficult to fit in. They find that not only did they change while they were in combat but those here at home have often changes as well. Its an unimaginably difficult readjustment.

Plus, many come home and face a physical rehabilitation and/or suffer from post tramatic shock, which can be as difficult to over come as a physical challenge. 

On top of the personal, social, and health readjustment issues many can't find jobs. The unemployment rate for Veteran in September 2012 was listed at 10.9--higher than the national unemployment rate of 8.1. I recently read in horror a story about a marine who had served five tours in Iraq only to come home and end up homeless!

We didn't want to sit on our hands and do nothing, we wanted to help. So after doing some research we found a great organization that is reaching out to our veterans and have the staff, tools and experience to help--Operation HomeFront helps our returning veterans with their many challenges and are doing a great job and making a difference.

So we decided to help and at the same time provide a way for others to be involved as well.

Every purchase of one of our ValCre Ball Valves results in a donation going to Operation Homefront.

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