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The New ValCre Plug Valve hits the market with superior “zero leakage” design.

Ten Reasons To Invest In a ValCre Plug Valve

PlugValve-171x1501. Zero Leakage - With primary sealing by sleeve (lining in case of lined plug valve), secondary sealing by diaphragm and tertiary sealing by wedge ring, the plug valve assures zero leakage of the fluid flowing through the system.

2. Secure Sealing - The sleeve is positively locked in the body with the locking ribs located in the body to assure secure sealing.

3. Cavity free - There are no cavities in the body, the plug is surrounded completely by sleeve, so there is no possibility of fluid accumulation and contaminate feature processing. this cavity-free design also prevents sticking.

4. Non Lubrication - The PTFE sleeves have a low coeflicient of friction and acts on a lubricant. Hnce case of operation is assured even though valve unopened for a period.

5. Low Maintenance - The sealing pressure can be regenerated by the adjustment bolts provided on the cover without disassembly for repair. Online repair is easy as the plug is top entry type which will reduce the shutdown time of the plant.

6. Superior in line sealing - The plug is completely surrounded by the sleeve, providing a large circumferential sealing surface from port to port.

7. Self cleaning plug - As the plug rotates, the port lips located throughout 360″ profide a self cleaning action to remove stealing and adhering media facilitates no seizing and no sticking.

8. Adjustable sealing - When seal presence adjustment is required due to sleeve wear, slight rotation of adjustment bolts pushes the plug downwards thereby providing extra sealing pressure.

9. Antistatic electricity - Static eliminator (only in case of sleeve plug valves) is always in contact with the plug releases the static electricity generated from the free floating fluid to the pipeline.

10. Compact design - Taper plug with trapezoidal shape port, one piece body and less number of parts required to construct the valve make a compact and cost effective plug valve.

v061plugvalve2wayPTFESleeved-111x1502 way PTFE Sleeved Plug Valve, #150, bolted cover, Flanged end raised face drilled class ANSI #150 having body, Cover & Plug in A351 CN7M, sleeve, Diaphragm & Wedge Ring in PTFE, Fasteners in SS304, Lever operated with Locking arrangement in SS304 , Face to Face: ANSI B16.10

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  1. Chemical Process Plants
  2. Fertilizer Plants
  3. Dyes and Pigments
  4. Pesticides
  5. Caustic Chlorine Plants
  6. Hazardous Fluids
  7. Acids and Alkalies

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