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The New ValCre PFA Lined Ball Valve Gives You Two Choices... Stainless Steel or WBC Carbon Steel 

The new ValCre valve series manufactured by ElDorado Valve and Gauge, LLC is already turning the heads of industry experts.

Performance begins with the Stainless Steel and WCB carbon steel body delivering superior strength and higher resistance to stress fractures. Plus, the higher rated Stainless steel if far more corrosive resistant than other BallValveDuoinferior metals.

And what’s really impressive is when you look inside you’ll discover a new and innovative “Maze Type” one-piece flexible packing design. (See below)

IMPORTANT NOTE:For your convience our stainless steel body valves are stock items.

Steve Weisenburger, ValCre Valve marketing manager, explained, “Our new valve line's design starting point was with the end users.

We went directly to the people that install and maintain the valves in the plants and asked them... "What performance improvements did they want to see in the next generation of ball valves.”

"Two common answers rose to the top of the end user list...

1. Extended wear (longer life)

2. Reduced leakage events

 "With those two important requests that’s what we went after.”

“Our new innovative design has definitely raised the bar for high performance valves. I’m confident the end users will be very pleased with the results!”

Why use a ValCre Lined Ball Valve?

BallValveRed72DpiIt makes sense to avoid costly problems once the valve is installed and the new design addressed the two most important problems right up front.

Conventional Valve Problems...

Here’s where the problems begin.

First, valves constructed of inferior metals versus superior Stainless Steel or WCB Carbon bodies are simply going to give out sooner. 

Second, when valves are closed under pressure, the ball is able to float with lineBallValveSilver pressure and pressurize the downstream seat to further enhance the in-line seal. However, the stem will tend to tilt and can side load conventional packing, leading to potential wear and eventual leakage.

The ValCre ball valve is designed to eliminate side loading reducing wear and extending the life of the seal. Thus reducing leakage which means fewer replacement costs, reduced maintenance costs and less down time. The ValCre Valve delivers on ROI with its innovative new design.

ValCre Solution

Innovative new “MAZE TYPE”
one-piece flexible packing design 

The “MAZE TYPE” seal in the ValCre valve moves in conjunction with the stream, maintaining a constant seal, eliminating leakage.

BallValveCutAway72PTFE one-piece flexible packing machined like a spring, thus 
when its sealed with stem, will have many sealing cycles forced by the flexible compressing expansionability and self-expansionability of medium. 

The advantages are small contact area and lower torque. All designed to increase the life of the valve.




  • Chemical Process Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Polysilicon
  • Semiconductor
  • Nuclear
  • Petrochemical,
  • Medicine & Food Industry
  • Dyes and Pigments
  • Pesticides
  • Caustic Chlorine Plants
  • Hazardous Fluids
  • Acids and Alkalies




Spec Downloads

Design Detail Info One-Piece PACKING

TECH SHEET – Ball Valve

ValCre Lined Ball Valve Assembly Drawing Breakdown

ValCre Lined Explosion Drawing